What is CME?

Manage content and configuration for your entire mobile portfolio in one spot with Phunware Content Management.

Phunware’s Content Management Engine helps brands create, manage and publish content across multiple platforms to deliver dynamic and engaging content to their users.

Over-the-Air Content Updates
Deploy updates and new content through the cloud - no client updates or app store re-submissions required.

Create and Publish Content at Scale
Highly scalabe AWS S3 content storage and CloudFront CDN integration

Support for Multiple Data Structure Types
Easy-to-create custom data structures with support for all supported JSON field types, including: Single Line Text, Multi Line Text, Subsections, Numbers, Media, Links, Dates, Booleans, and Lists.



You are viewing documentation for CME 3.0.

Looking for CME Classic? For versions prior to 3.0, visit this page for related documentation.