Content Overview

The Content section is your hub for all created documents. From here you can do a number of content management tasks:

• Search for Content (Users can search by status, name, author, or tag)
• Filter content by tags
• Bulk select to Publish or Delete content
• Create New Content
• View the JSON and API call to get all JSON for the org
• View Content list in the table view

From the table view you will be able to view content listed with the following columns:

Column TitleDescription
StatusThis displays the current status of the content item. Possible statuses include Draft, Published, and Deleted.
Display NameThis is the Document Display Name entered when creating the document, and is intended to be the easy to recognize name for content managers.
Unique NameThis is the Document Unique Name entered when creating the document and is used as the unique identifier.
TagsAny tags you have entered in when creating the document will display here.
Last UpdateIndicates the last time the content was updated.
Action MenuDepending on the status, you will be able to take quick actions on the content item from here, including: Edit, Copy, Publish, Un-publish, Delete, View JSON