Content Types

As you are creating your document, you will be naming and selecting content types to build out your content. These are the available building blocks you have in creating your content, which can be used in any number of configurations.

Content Type NameDefinitionExample ContentExample JSON
Single LineThis is a single line of text within your content. This could be a headline or title.{
"example": "Single Line Content."
ParagraphThis is a section of your content grouped together into one body of copy. This could be a introductory summary to your content, or the long form content itself.{
"example": "Content Containing
Multiple Lines
SubsectionSubsections are fields that in turn have their own collection of fields. These are also known as substructures, or simply Objects.{
"doctor": {
"first": "Sarah",
"last: "Lynch",
"specialty": "M.D."
NumberThis content type contains numbers of any kind with or without decimals.
MediaThis content type is used to display assets uploaded using the portal. The stored value for this type of field is a string, containing the URL to the asset API where to retrieve this content.
LinkThis content type holds strings just like single line and paragraphs however, it provides a layer of validation to aide in entering proper URLs
DateThis content type underlying storage is a number however, the portal will ensure that only valid date times are set for this fields. Date and times will be stored as a unix timestamp.
BooleanThis content type can hold true/false values only.{
"truthy": true.
"falsy": false
ListThe List content type allows you to create a collection/array of the same type of field with an virtually unlimited number of entries. Currently only value type and strings are allowed.{
exampleList: [